Gas Meter Disposal

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Instead of disposing meters you normally would have no use for, we are willing take them off of your hands. Call us today and discuss different options and pricing.
Here are some of the aspects we are looking for:

  Repairable Meter Types: AC-250 TC 20LT Connection; R-275 20LT Connection; AL-425; R-415; AL-800; AL-1000; 15C 175 B3; 2M 175 B3; 3M 175 B3; 5M 175 B3; 7M 175 B3; 11M 175 B3; 16M 175 B3

  We would be willing to purchase all types of scrap meters at scrap value.

Contact Brian Reitz at 814-653-8269 to discuss your options, pricing and turn around time.


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