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With over 20,000 square feet of warehouse space, we offer inventory control of gas meters, regulators, parts, accessories and AMR/AMI modules. Utilities and Industries currently warehouses for several Gas Utility Companies to help them save on cost and real estate expenses. Utilities and Industries will manage your inventory as if it were in your own facility.

  Inventory Lot Control
  Parts Packaging
  Pick-and-pack Services
  Break Bulk
  Visual Inspection for Damaged Products
  Packing &  Repacking
  Stretch & Shrink Wrapping
  Transportation with Lift Gate Services
  Low Monthly Rates

  Gas Meters
  AMR/AMI Modules
  Gas Meter Parts and Accessories

AMR & AMI Projects

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Utilities and Industries retrofits meters with new or used AMR/AMI devices on new and re-manufactured meters. We have the capability to retrofit and program a wide variety of different AMR and AMI devices.

Utilities and Industries install indexes on AMR/AMI devices, program it, and ship to customer. Our customer’s field technicians only have to install the device on the meter which saves them time of programming and installing the index on the device.

Special Projects

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The Meter Shop Operations at Utilities and Industries regularly perform special projects for customers. In extension to repairing meters we also perform special projects such as:

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Gas Meter Repair & Calibration

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Utilities and Industries provide accurate meter calibration with the NIST certified standard proving room for intesting and out-testing meters.
Here are a few of our capabilities:

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