February 2015 Newsletter

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Message from the Chief Executive Officer

Utilities and Industries is starting off 2015 with a great deal of excitement. In our January Newsletter we stated, in our plans for 2015 section, we would like to start attending more trade shows. Our company wanted to become vendors in more trade shows to cover a wider geographical area to bring our services and products to the forefront. In March and May of this year we will be accomplishing that goal by becoming a vendor at two major trade shows. We will provide more details of each trade show in our upcoming newsletters.

After recent discussion of business plans, we really want to start expanding our services and products to the west. We feel, attending gas shows, marketing and advertising nationally will help us expand our business growth in the geographical location we would like to expand. Utilities and Industries has already begun the process of working towards that business plan.

We’re thrilled to see what these next couple of months brings us! Stay connected in our future Newsletters to find out!



Sale Item this Month

Limited Time Only!

SALE PRICE: $94.74

Original Price: $119.67

Index drive 10FT, digits 5 circular read. Index includes 2 mounting screws.

Visit here to purchase today: http://utilitiesandindustries.com/index.php/products/gas-meter-parts-accessories/index-10ft-5c-al-800-1000

Or call 814.653.8269 and ask for Rich Filer.



Meter Repair and Calibration

Small Diaphragm (residential)

Repair Class Descriptions: These are U&I's normal accepted standards used for Repair Class Description; however, U&I will adjust to and use your specific standards as provided to meet your specific needs.


Featured Product

The Model 243 service regulator is a large capacity industrial service regulator designed for commercial, industrial, and gas distribution use. As a result of the union connection between the fully interchangeable bodies and the diaphragm case, they have remarkable field versatility. They are easy to install, adjust, inspect, and service in all piping arrangements. The model 243 can be used in a variety of applications such as: factories, foundries, district regulator stations, commercial laundries, and all types of gas fueled equipment including boilers, burners, furnaces, ovens, heaters, kilns, and engines. 12" diaphragm. 243 Service Regulator. Orifice and spring available and included with price.


We have a Company Profile on LinkedIn

In recent months, Utilities and Industries has become more active on their LinkedIn Company Page. As a Company we wanted to become more active on the social media site to provide vital information to our followers and companies. We also wanted to expand our business professional network with this social media outlet. To expand our horizon, Utilities and Industries wanted to market with Utility and Natural Gas companies and consumers.

Visit our page at www.Linkedin.com/company/utilities-and-industries.com


Sister Company Prepping for Las Vegas

 Our Sister Company, Brookville Glove Manufacturing Company, announced they will be attending the National Hardware Show in Las Vegas, Nevada from May 5th to May 7th 2015. Brookville Glove will be attending to showcase and promote their American Made Glove Brands to all attendees and vendors in the hardware and gardening industry.

At the event, Brookville Glove will have a 10 foot X 10 foot booth space in the Made in the USA, Hardware and Tools Section on the second floor. The company has a corner space at booth number 36091. In addition to having a booth space, Brookville Glove will be displaying their American Made Brand, the Burly Bear Glove, in the Made in the USA Product Display section.

In addition to showcasing their current brands, Brookville Glove will be introducing 2 new products to their line of American Made Gloves! Details of these products will be announced at a future date.

Brookville Glove is excited to be attending their first National Hardware Show and networking with all of the different vendors! To stay up to date with our current events and news releases leading up to the event, be sure to tune into our twitter page @BrookvilleGlove.

For more information about the event, visit their website at www.nationalhardwareshow.com


January 2015 Newsletter

Category: UTI Newsletter

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Message from the Chief Executive Officer

The year 2014 has been a very productive year and we have welcomed a few new customers to the team!

In addition to the new customers we have also welcomed back some of our old customers such as Orange and Rockland and Con Edison.

Our new marketing campaign is a national mailing campaign to target more customers nationally to educate the public and different utility companies about the projects and services we offer.

In addition to the new marketing campaign, we will be attending as many tradeshows to showcase our fabrication projects, promote what we offer with remanufacturing meters and many other services to gain new clientele and spread the word about our capabilities.

With the expansion of business this year, 2015 looks like it will be another exciting, very busy year at Utilities and Industries.


Sale Item This Month

Our Sale Item this Month is:

Rockwell R-275 Direct Read Indexes.

Selling for: $18.77 Each




Our Holiday Party 2014

In December 2014, Utilities and Industries and it’s Sister Company, Brookville Glove celebrated the holidays at their annual party.

To spice things up this year, we put a twist to all of the employees gifts! Pictured to the right you will see many different gifts with a number tag attached to them. There were a total of 55 different gifts and each person was handed a Christmas card with a number and lottery ticket in it. Whatever number they received in the card determined which gift they got! It was a huge hit!

In addition to the gifts, Utilities and Industries and Brookville Glove handed out awards to their employees for years of service and perfect attendance for 2014. We like to do something special in recognition of their hard-work and dedication to the company.

Overall, the tradition was a big hit and will continue in years to come.


Featured Product

 This month we are featuring our Heater Boxes.

Heater boxes are used to prevent meter regulators from freezing.

We manufacture standard heater boxes as well as custom heater boxes to fit your needs.

During the colder months our heater boxes are in high demand for our clients. If you are interested please give us a call today at, 814.653.8269 and ask for Mark Marshall.


Plans for 2015

Utilities and Industries is planning to kick off the New Year in full force! With many new projects, customers and new marketing ideas, our goal is to keep heading in the same direction as we are now.

We are pleased how much we grew in the year 2014 and due to the expansion of business one of our goals is to expand our second shift for quicker turn around times for our clients’ needs.

Another goal for 2015 is to attend more Natural Gas shows to bring our services and products to the utility companies forefront.

Finally, we want to bring our are marketing campaign plan at full force.

Utilities and Industries has seen a positive outcome in 2014 and are anxious to see the new ideas play out in 2015.



Special Projects

The Meter Shop Operations at Utilities and Industries regularly perform special projects for customers. In extension to repairing meters we also perform special projects such as:

¨  Special Test

¨  Calibrate

¨  Repair and Refurbish Meters

¨  Corrosion Meter Refurbish & Paint Programs               

¨ Program and Retrofit AMR & AMI Devices

¨ Temperature Compensation Conversions

¨ Warehousing & Logistics Services

¨ 20 Degree Testing (Cold Box)




Employee of the Month

Every month we like to reward our employees for their hard-work and dedication to the Company.

Utilities and Industries nominated Jerry Robinson as Employee of the Month, for December 2014.

Jerry has been rewarded for his work performance and the pride he takes in his work. He has also improved a lot over the past few months. Finally, Jerrry is being recognized for never missing work!

Congratulations, Jerry! Keep up the great work!






Looking for American Made, quality gloves, safety items, and other industry specific products? Visit www.brookvilleglove.com

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