August 2015 Newsletter

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Message from the CEO
Here at Utilities & Industries this month we are anticipating attending the Appalachian Gas Measurement show in Pittsburgh. We are also preparing our follow ups for people we met from the Southern Gas Show.
In other news, we will no longer be doing monthly newsletters. We will now be doing our newsletters quarterly. If there are any major updates within the company we will put out a press release and email it to any person that receives our newsletters via email.

Southern Gas Show Recap

Our sales staff had a great time in Nashville at the Souther Gas Operating Conference. We look forward to working with some of the people we have met. We also look forward to hopefully attending this conference on a yearly basis.

Appalachian Gas Show

We are excited to be attending the Appalachian Gas Show this month. Utilities & Industries has been attending this show for a while now. It is a great opportunity to connect with our current customers and it also a great opportunity to connect with future customers.
This event also gives us the opportunity to send some of our employees to training, so we can assure customers we stay up to date on our training and the  newest technology.

Gas Meter Disposal Program

Instead of disposing of meters you normally would have no use for, we are willing to take them off of your hands. Let Utilities & Industries dispose of your meters in an environmentally friendly way.

Here are some of the types of meters we are looking for: Repairable Meter Types: AC-250 TC 20LT Connection; R-275 20LT Connection; AL-425; R-415; AL-800; AL-1000; 15C 175 B3; 2M 175 B3; 3M 175 B3; 5M 175 B3; 7M 175 B3; 11M 175 B3; 16M 175 B3

We would be willing to purchase all types of scrap meters at scrap value.

Customer Appreciation Day

Here at Utilities & Industries we are busy planning and preparing for our Annual Customer Appreciation Day Event.
This year the event will be two days. The opening day will be a round of golf at a local golf course, followed by dinner. Then the second day will be an open house and a corn hole / skeet shoot tournament followed by lunch.
This event is by invitation only. We as a company enjoy doing this for our loyal customers. 



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