Rotary Meter Repair

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If you’re looking for a fast turnaround time, expert service, and exceptional quality…our rotary meter repair services are for you!

Remanufactured rotary meters has the potential to save you up to 70% of the cost of a new meter and is covered by warranty.  

Utilities & Industries has the ability to remanufacture ALL series of Dresser meters from LMMA/B1 to B3 and all sizes of Dresser meters from 8C to 16M. U&I also has the ability to repair Romet and Sensus turbo meters as well.

Other services our Rotary meter department includes is: Repairs for standard index/GRU, Temperature Compensated Index / GRU – with or without an Instrument Drive.

Utilities & Industries has been around since 1981 and the average years of experience for our rotary technicians is 15 years.

All meters are done to your company specs and custom quotes are available upon request. For custom quotes and to learn more please click here.


About Utilities and Industries

Utilities and Industries has been serving the Natural Gas Industry since 1981. We have helped utilities keep costs down while they entrust their top-quality repair work to dedicated experts. Our Company is a one stop shopping place for full scale meter repair, meter set fabrication, line filters, calibration, diaphragm meters, instruments, drips, electronic flow meters, regulator sales and remote communications.

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