August 2014 Newsletter

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Message from the 

Chief Executive Officer

Here, at Utilities and Industries, we are always looking to be proactive for innovations that make our process more cost effective for our customers. When accomplishing this aspect, we are choosing to be an environmentally responsive facility.

Recently, our Rotary Meter Department has added new parts to the washing machine. This new equipment has a rust inhibitor to prevent inside moving parts from rusting. In addition, the parts washing machine cleans all meters and parts thoroughly. The solution for the machine gets replaced and recycled every 8 to 10 weeks. This has been a great improvement for the Rotary Department as we continually implement more environmentally friendly choices.

In addition to the new implementations, we are excited to announce that two utility companies have chosen Utilities and Industries to remanufacture their meters! We would like to welcome Con Edison and Orange Rockland for rejoining partnership with us. We are also proud to announce that National Fuel in Buffalo has created a new business relationship with Utilities and Industries.

We are looking for a great year and more implementations within the company!


 Specials Running this Month


           This month we are running specials on Gas Line Markers.

           Each one is set at $13.95 a piece.







Fueling Up for One Lucky Facebook Fan


At the expense of Utilities and Industries you can have something in your home or office that could spark as a conversation starter. A lucky winner will receive a gas meter that has been converted into a clock via a Facebook Contest. Open until the company page has reached its first goal of 200 LIKES, the contest offers a prize valued at $100 that will make your friends and family want one of their own.

To win, LIKE our Facebook Page at and share with family and friends on your personal Facebook. The winner will be drawn at random once our Facebook page has reached 200 LIKES.

Depending on the winner’s location, the prize will be shipped to the address we receive when collecting the information needed via personal messaging. Upon arrival, we ask that you take a picture with your prize and send it to us via e-mail so that we can post to our Social Media Sites.





Customer Appreciation Day

Open House

 This year, Utilities and Industries Annual Customer Appreciation Event will be held on September 18th 2014.

The Customer Appreciation Open House has stepped up it’s game! This year, we implemented an 18-Hole Round of golf! In addition to the golf outing, we also will be holding a corn hole tournament and participating in some skeet shooting!

During the events we will be having raffles, giveaways, gift baskets and so much more! After our eventful day, we will be relaxing and enjoying some delicious lunch.

Does this sound like something you would like to participate in? Are you a current customer of ours or looking to partner with us? Then this is an event for you to come and enjoy!

If you would like more information on the event, please contact   Courtney Sinisi at 814.715.6687 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



 Longer Term Tips to Save on Your Utility Costs


Over the years appliances will eventually need to be replaced or updated. Some of these items may not help immediately, but they can save you in the long run.

You should always save up and pay cash for larger home repairs. Some of the items may not pay for themselves in sayings, but by making wise choices you can save on utility costs while making a needed home repair.

Some updates you can do are listed below:

1. Plant shade trees

2. Choose lighter colors when selecting exterior paints

3. Metal roofs or at least lighter colored roofing materials will reflect much more heat.

4. New windows help with keeping out the cold in the winter, but they can be just as effective at keeping out heat in the summer.

5. Upgrade your system if it is very old. A new system is often more energy efficient

6. Good insulation and sealing cracks will help keep warm air out and cool air in.

7. Next time you go to do a home repair, keep these tips in mind and you will end up saving a lot more in the long run.


Featured Product

Sensus field and high pressure service regulators combine simplicity of design with rugged construction, exceptional performance, and operational safety to provide dependable, flexible, and economical answers for pounds-to-pounds pressure regulation applications.

The Model 046 family of high pressure regulators is easy to install, adjust, inspect, and service in all piping arrangements. Typical applications include farm taps, field regulator applications, and high pressure industrial air or gases. 1" NPT Field Regulator. Other sizes available upon request. Orifice and spring available and included with price.   



What Our Customers Say

My company, Mid-South Meter & Regulator, is a small natural gas meter repair shop.  We have specific needs that were not being met with other vendors we have tried.  I started looking around about two years ago and found U&I, they have met all my expectations.  They even keep in stock oddball things that probably only I order, but they know I’ll be needing.  They stock regulators that we use so there isn’t a long wait when I place an order, which makes my own customers happier.  We get prompt, friendly service with every order.  I would like to give a special thanks to Mark and Rob for all their help.


Terry Goode., OWNER

Mid-South Meter & Regulator, LLC.



Employee of the Month

Every month we like to reward our employees for their  hard-work and dedication to the company.

Utilities and Industries nominated Lonny Roman as the Employee of the Month, for July 2014.

 Lonny has been with Utilities and Industries for 6 months working in the Paint Room.

Roman was rewarded for doing a great job and taking pride in work that he performs. He is also being recognized for learning his job very quick.

Congratulations, Lonny! Keep up the great work.


July 2014 Newsletter

Category: UTI Newsletter


Message from the Chief Executive Officer

Utilities and Industries made a choice in January 2012 to become more environmentally friendly. We are continuing to make “greener” choices in recycling our scrap and wastes.

We have always recycled our metals, but since have added more products to our recycling process. Some of the products we recycle are: electronics, metals, cardboard, plastic, oils and batteries.

Utilities and Industries will be implementing more green products and choices throughout the year. We feel it’s very important to take care of the environment and create safer products for the community.




How to Save & Keep Cool During Summer

During the summer months, it can get extremely hot in the home when using certain appliances. It also depends on what time of the day you are using each one. A couple appliances that pertain to heating the home is, the kitchen oven, dryer, and dishwasher.

The appliance that generates a ton of heat is your oven. When baking and cooking you are doing so at high temperatures. By cooking the majority of your food outside avoids heating up the home. Anyhow, you want to put that grill to good use!

Avoiding your dishwasher and dryer may seem hard, but making a couple sacrifices to keep your home cool is really not that bad. By hand washing your dishes you can save on energy costs and again generating a ton of heat. This also pertains to using your dryer. Step out of the box and dry your clothes the old fashioned way by hanging them up in the home or outside on a clothes line. But, if you swear by your dishwasher and dryer, try using both appliances late at night when it’s not during the peak hours of heat and sunlight.

Following these cost effective tips will help save you on energy costs and help keep unwanted heat out of the home.



Gas Meter Repair and Calibration

Utilities and Industries provides accurate meter calibration with the NIST certified standard proving room for in-testing and out-testing meters.
Our facility has many capabilities when it comes to repairing and calibrating meters.
Our first and most important capability we provide is quality. This is monitored at every stage of the repair process from the time it is received until the meter is shipped. We also provide proof records for every meter. This information is collected electronically and formatted to fit your data file requirements.
The last capability offered is, AMR and AMI installation and programming, re-zeroing indexes, sample testing, painting, shipping and warehousing.
Finally, we offer a meter exchange program to eliminate down time for your meter repair and calibration.


Featured Product

Sensus Model 143-80 domestic service regulators can be used on both residential and small commercial and industrial applications. With a variety of body sizes, loading springs, and orifices sizes, these regulators can provide the outlet pressure ranges and capacities to fit most applications for a 6" service diaphragm regulator. The model 143-80 design provides the popular union nut connectional, not requiring bolts or screws to connect the body to the diaphragm assembly. It is available with an internal relief valve (IRV), and with a low pressure cutoff (LPCO). Simple, rugged, precise and outstanding performance.


 What Our Customers Say

I have used Utilities and Industries for the past 3 years to refurbish domestic diaphragm 250 –425TC meters. To date all of our expectations are being met. Rich and his staff have provided us with excellent customer service and technical expertise in gas meter refurbishment. Most recently when a request was made to install AMR devices on our meters, Utilities reacted instantly.  When the request was made to elevate the level of repairs and  install all new indexes on storm damage meters, meters were delivered in that configuration on the very next shipment. Working with U &  I continues to be a great relationship in getting our meters refurbished and back to us without delays.”

  Joet Richards, Senior Supervisor - National Grid


Employee of the Month

Every month we like to reward our employees for their hard-work and dedication to the company. Utilities and Industries nominated Norman Overman as the Employee of the Month, for June 2014.
Norman has been with Utilities and Industries for 11 months and working in the Domestic Department.
Overman was rewarded for always completing tasks given to him on a daily basis. He is also being recognized because he is always giving suggestions on different ways to make the sandblasting area more efficient. We truly appreciate it all.




Utilities and Industries has been serving the natural gas industry since 1981. Utilities and Industries supplies the utility companies and natural gas producers throughout the United States with quality products and services. Utilities and Industries relocated their facility to the Reynoldsville Industrial Park and a 25,000 sq. ft. modern state of the art facility in 1995. The increase of business made it necessary to add a 20,000 sq. ft. addition to accommodate the growth.

In 2006 U&I  was obtained by DBI Inc. and  went through a modernization of the re-manufacturing process by installing a conveyor belt system and installed air conditioning throughout the re-manufacturing area to better control the high standards that are in place at Utilities and Industries. 


 Utilities and Industries

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